Welcome to our first tax solutions blog post!

After representing both the IRS (for over 4 years) and then taxpayers that have IRS and NYS tax issues (for over 22 years), it seems I have seen and dealt with just about every tax problem that a business or individual can face. Most taxpayers that I have worked with come to me with a problem that typically falls into one of the following categories:

  • I haven’t filed a tax return for several years and I want to set things right
  • I owe more than I can possibly pay and I’ll never dig out of this mess
  • the IRS or NY just levied my bank account or garnished my pay and I can’t pay my bills
  • I just received an audit notice and I don’t know how best to proceed
  • I have fallen behind in making payroll tax deposits or sales tax payments

While all of these situations, and others like them, are serious and rightfully create real anxiety and concern, most of these tax problems have very manageable solutions. In fact, when these situations arise, oftentimes the IRS and NYS are looking for a solution as well.

So what is the best way to deal with a tax problem? Essentially it’s the same way you deal with other problems you may face. If you had an unusual health concern or your car broke down what would you do? You would look for someone (a doctor or a mechanic) who knows what s/he is doing, you would find out and understand your options, and then you would commit to do the things you need to do when the advice is given. You should follow the same course of action when you face a tax problem.

The Tax Advocacy Practice Group at Green & Seifter has decided to set up this blog as a forum to disseminate some practical information about what some of the options are when a tax problem arises. Of course, everyone’s situation is different and the specific facts and circumstances of each person’s (or business’) situation must be known before any final decision about what to do should be made. In this blog, a member of our Tax Advocacy Practice Group will consider some of the common situations that we see in our practice and share some of the strategies to consider when facing either an IRS or NYS tax problem.

3 responses to “Welcome to our first tax solutions blog post!

  1. Great! And keep update a good tax contents.

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    Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.

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