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Tax Planning and Advocacy Practice Group

Most significant personal and business decisions have tax consequences, and the laws governing these consequences frequently change. Our Tax Planning and Advocacy Group understands the complex tax rules at the federal, state and local levels, which enables us to help clients avoid undesirable and possibly detrimental tax consequences when undertaking significant lifetime decisions in their business or personal dealings. Through our long standing relationship with the independent firm of Grossman St. Amour Certified Public Accountants, PLLC, and our extensive experience in all aspects of tax planning and tax controversy advocacy, we have earned an exceptional reputation in this practice area.

Our Tax Planning and Advocacy Practice Group has developed an expertise in virtually every aspect of tax law affecting businesses. Whether assisting in the formation or the acquisition of a new business, the merger or expansion of an ongoing business, or the sale, consolidation, liquidation or dissolution of an existing business, our attorneys make every decision with a full understanding of the current tax rules. Our tax practitioners use experience and innovation to find the most tax-favored manner to achieve our client’s objective.

When dealing with individual clients, the primary goal of our tax professionals is the preservation of income and assets. The preparation of a tax return is often the final step in thorough tax planning. We can assist in structuring compensation arrangements, planning for retirement, preserving wealth for future generations, charitable interests, and offering assistance in other situations in which income, estate, gift, excise, sales or property taxes may be an avoidable cost of an improperly structured transaction.

A significant part of our tax practice also includes assisting businesses and individuals in resolving differences with tax authorities in audit, administrative appeals, litigation, and collection activity. While an understanding of the tax law is essential when the IRS or a state or local tax authority is conducting an audit or pursuing collection, an understanding of the process and a rapport with the government agents is also invaluable. Our clients have the benefit of our extensive experience in dealing with the various taxing authorities at all levels.

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